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Over 65 years of technological evolution

About Lofra-

Back to 1956, Lofra was a small factory, that manufactured pots during the post war period.

Located on the hills around the city of Padua, the company kept on growing more and more by developing the first range of freestanding cookers in the 60s and 70s.

In short time, Lofra became the market leader of freestanding cookers in Italy and also of built-in appliances in the 90s.

By the 2000s, Lofra had already become the pride of the Italian manufacturing industry and the reference point for all the consumers of the kitchen industry all over the world.

The Lofra brand stands for 65 years of experience, passion, and quality. with the high-quality standards of a “Made in Italy” brand.
Mangia bene, vivi felice.
Eat well, live happy.

With the passion and intuition of the Lovato brothers, who in 1956 started to manufacture pots, and led Lofra to the creation of the CURVA line, their dual oven cooker's award-winning design. Today Lofra continues to manufacture high ranges and built-in luxury appliances to meet the needs of the most sophisticated customers.

CURVA A PATENTED innovative Design that represents the perfect union of tradition and modernity, expressed in the soft movement of a dynamic curve.
A design of great personality that combines the strength of the steel with a gentle and graceful line.

The new Dolcevita is a tribute to 60 years of cookers production. A touch of tradition, supported by the latest technology. Dolcevita is as beautiful as it is well built: knobs and handles are made from a single metal block, and the elegant clock allows you to program the cooking. Dolcevita is their masterpiece: a real collector’s item.

MAESTRO A style of ranges created to meet the needs of a new way to “dress” the kitchen, with different sizes and combinations of colours. The devotees of cooking will love a majestic range like the LOFRA MAESTRO.